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Bike Parts Explained

For such a simple and small vehicle, the humble bicycle has a large number of parts with specific names that all cyclists should know. What follows is a run down of all the major parts of a standard bicycle, ordered alphabetically as well as a fully annotated diagram. Adjusting barrel – a small screw on the rear mech that allows for...

Component Weights

People often ask if they should spend extra on a lightweight groupset for their bike. Here’s what I think. While having lightweight components is no substitution for training a bit harder, once you’ve done all those miles (or even if you haven’t) it makes sense to maximise your speed by reducing weight. As components get lighter, the...

Choosing Carbon Wheels

For both performance improvement and for the aesthetic appeal, many people are opting for carbon rims on their road bikes these days. People have claimed that a set of 50mm carbon wheels can provide up to 4min over a 60min time trial although it’s difficult to put an exact figure on the speed benefit. I’ve recently upgraded my £250...